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Speaker & Presentation Services

Regardless of your presentation needs, the RBCJ Consulting Group can help!  With access to literally thousands of presenters from all areas of the globe we can obtain the right presenters to make your next event a resounding success.  Our professionals will work with your team to develop an agenda tailored to the specific needs, goals, and desires of your organization, and more importantly, your attendees.

Planning a meeting is simple; planning a success is not.  Think about conferences, workshops, and other events you have participated in; how many can you remember walking away from feeling truly uplifted and empowered by the undeniable electricity ever present in all attendees?   We would venture a guess, not too many – especially in direct proportion to the total number of events you have participated in over the years.  Now, if you can, look back and try to determine the unique ingredient; without hesitation we would hazard a guess it was a combination of both the agenda topics and presenters.

You see, event success depends on the delicate balance between attendee desires, which they can usually identify; and attendee needs, which unfortunately often time they truly don’t know what it is they need.  So, this leaves the inexperienced event planner scrabbling for the biggest crystal ball and newest pair of dice.   Gambling or guessing on the agenda is the same as “conference by committee” – neither work.  There is a direct correlation between agenda content, presenter placement on that agenda, and the presenters themselves; our professionals will skillfully help you achieve “just the right agenda” and thereby flawlessly plan and execute your success.